Comic 10 - Villain Civvie Costumes
19th Apr 2017, 1:19 AM
Villain Civvie Costumes
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Author Notes:
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Here are some of the costume sketches I created for the villain's civilian outfits. Color would be added, but I don't know what the color schemes of the various characters are, so I didn't fill it in here. Just imagine mostly pastels.

Fashion in the 60s was about being skinny and white, so I struggled to come up with outfits that might look good on other types. The colors work well, but the styles needed effort.

Anyway, it is a project I kind of want to do. I like that Velma-looking girl on the top row.
User comments:
Reu (Guest) edit delete reply
Ahh, they're just sketches but they look awesome!
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pkrankow edit delete reply
I like that you can draw different body types.
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Well, not as much as I'd like, but more than some.