Comic 9 - Villain Dating
18th Apr 2017, 2:10 AM
Villain Dating
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So, I was thinking about dating/porn games. Most are really pretty sinister, and even the less sinister ones are about forcing people to like you, as if people can be bought.

If I wanted to create a brighter, less forceful game, it's clear I should create one that's about helping people that already like you, or at least earning their respect in ways that aren't 'have a high enough stat'.

And obviously, the best setting for that is a reform school for 60s supervillainesses.

... well, here's some character sketches for kicks. Some of them won't exactly make the cut, but the chances of making the game in the first place are pretty low. :)
User comments:
TiredTait (Guest) edit delete reply
Go-go boots and death rays, you had my attention, now you have my fetishes.
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Sheela edit delete reply
ooOoooooOoOooooooo ... where's Vampirella and Smurfette ?
pink_lemonade edit delete reply
your dark-skinned girls consistently look amazing
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Workin' on it.
Jinmen edit delete reply
I usually don't go for dating games much, but this has a really interesting premise.
Jst56strong edit delete reply
Fuck yes! Love the concept! When do you launch on steam?
Sojourner edit delete reply
View, if you haven't read the web serial Worm, I would highly recommend it. Relevant subject matter too.
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Sorry, I can't read things from the screen like that, it makes my eyes blurry. But if you enjoy it, I'm sure it's great!