Comic 7 - Some prototype
10th Mar 2017, 8:41 PM
Some prototype
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Author Notes:
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I think these characters turned out more lively than expected. I wonder if I'll make a dating game.
User comments:
Sheela edit delete reply
Some day, I'm sure you will!
It's more a question of "when".

And the girls look nice. :)
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It's funny because they're not supposed to be nice.
Bellar edit delete reply
So it's a dating game where all the routes are populated with antagonistic people?

I could dig that.
RhinocerosGoggles edit delete reply
<3 these character designs, especially the raver on the left.
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Yeah, she turned out too well.
Rezima (Guest) edit delete reply
It's the baggy pants, wide belt and tank top look. It has nice contrast, is elegant in it's simplicity but so eye-catching at the same time. It's a very visually appealing look.

Korra had that look in every season of avatar, and it worked out wonderfully for her character design
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Never seen it, but I like the look.
Miao edit delete reply
The one on the right is my favotire flavor of dyke. Even if she isn't a dyke.
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